About me

Майдибор Олеся Николаевна The first masterpiece was created about 2 years old my mother's lipstick on the counter under the table (there not to be seen, so as not scolded).

Well then of course was the school newspaper, draws me pictures school girlfriends in notebooks or on pieces, but the main thing is the lesson of biology and zoology, because there were allowed to make drawings and, without exaggeration, my book was the most vibrant, colorful and neat!

Already in the ninth grade, I decided I wanted to paint, and my parents and I went to an open day at Rostov-on-Don Art College of M.B. Grekov, then there were training courses, classes with a teacher of painting and composition. And the admission of the College.

And then five years of happy students, hard work and effort, because at art school did not study. Through perseverance and set itself the goal, by the rate of 4 I was on a level with those who came after the act or art schools with good training and experience than me. Well, to the rate of 5 I was an excellent student! Only persistent efforts, will, and the will and there is much more work to accomplish.

Practice, plein air visits, ongoing work in the Studio, all that is necessary for formation!

Five years passed quickly, were open air and participation in student exhibitions. Then search for topics for diploma and his writing itself. Diploma was written directly to walls of the College, under the supervision of a teacher. We were allocated shops. So, as I am Cossack myself, love horses and did not have time to think on the topic of the diploma. Of course it was a horse and "Cossack traditions," so the name of my thesis. To paint on material gathered at the stables, and still life, which in the picture in the foreground painted from nature and the right lighting in daylight. Wrote a diploma with a soul and a great pleasure, because the topic was a favorite. And a year passed quickly, protection of the diploma went great and it's time to think about the future, about the profession...

On the advice of the teacher Mamontov V.I. and parents had to make a choice before the St. Petersburg "Repenka" (I.E. Repin State Academic Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture) or before the Moscow "Surikov " (V. I. Surikov Moscow State Academic Art Institute), but far Petersburg, and the climate is far from his native South and I decided to try to do in Moscow. Fortunately, on the Protection of the College diploma was a commission from the Surikov Institute and defended perfectly with praise, I was given a letter of recommendation for admission to the university.

Went to university and began a difficult adaptation to the new city and the new team in the period. New teachers, other school of painting, the heavy workload practical and lecture jobs, work at larger formats, setting more complex. In General there was a real student living away from their families and their native land. Already in the fourth year it became easier, and the fifth and sixth year of study can be called the best years of the students, and which is now remembered with great nostalgia and a little sadness. Years interesting, full of experiences, good experiences and plein air work in various parts of Russia. In the third year the choice fell on the battle-historical-shop, then a new and interesting at the Institute for longtime academic traditions and colorful costumed performances and storylines. They impressed me. Then came the interesting open-air in Pskov, military units PO visits to the stables, group trips to museums, the exhibition at the State Duma, and other projects for various creative exhibitions and screenings of historic films, sitting in workshops. Well, thanks to the collected material on military ranges and airfields had my university degree, called "Paratroopers".

And of course, great and sincere thanks for all this experience to my professor, People's Artist Nikolai Nikolaevich Solomin and other teachers of the Institute! All of them I'm really grateful they really taught me all that I now know how.