The exhibition "Life in the sky"

The idea for the show had been brewing for a long time and for a long time, probably since I fell in love with the sky and planes.

I then studied in the capital and to ride the trains took a lot of time, which I didn't have, but home is home, and only one and a half hour flight and you are there.

And then there were practices at the airfields of Pskov, Rostov and plein air at the airport of Rostov and Taganrog.

So was born the idea and the theme of the exhibition.

The topic was complex, particularly uncommon in the world of the artist, but it didn't leave me alone. And when the time was collected enough material for realization of the exhibition, the question arose, where to organize such an unusual exhibition? And of course, the choice fell on the airport of Rostov-on-don".

Having a meeting with the leadership of the airport, I showed material, told about the idea of the exhibition, that this has not happened before and people will be interested. And I have been given the go-ahead. For the exhibition was printed thematic catalogue and booklet.

Summer passenger traffic increased and internal flights from the airport per day are about seven thousand passengers. Сertainly pleased me the realization that so many people are getting a little bit closer to art, see your work and at least for a while diverted from everyday worries and problems.

Personal exhibition in Elista

For the artist, are very important and significant exhibitions held in other cities, but not at home. This is a good step for the development of oneself as a creative person, as an artist. New people, new friends in the creative circle, and the circle of audience and potential buyer. Therefore the exhibition in Kalmykia is one of the most important for me.It was held in the city center in Elista "national museum named N.N.Palmov."

The exhibition presented works of different genres, but mostly it was the works with the image of the horse. The Kalmyk people, whose history is somehow goes side by side with the horse. Therefore, the works were mainly represented by the horse.

Personal anniversary exhibition in Rostov-on-Don

15 years of creativity ... Time goes unnoticed.

This is the first anniversary personal exhibition, a serious step in the works. The idea came about by itself; it is a report to the viewer. The exhibition presents the best work over the last ten years of creativity, work on different subjects. The exhibition catalog was released - book, which contains part of the works, written for the fifteenth years of the creative life. Was also issued a booklet with some works and biography.