Painting " Herd at the Don " oil on canvas

Картина «табун у Дона» х.м.

Being on a regular practice in village Razdorskaya. In the morning, standing on shore and doing some sketches, I was almost unexpectedly approached a small herd freely strolling down the river horses. These places are famous for the artists, they are beautiful, and this area also has a rich history.

Horses became interested in sketch-book, canvas and brush. Curiosity had overcome fear, and they make me quite boldly and close surrounded. So much so that I felt a little uncomfortable even though I quite well know character of horses. One cause for the duster brush, the other is trying to pull the handle of the sketchbook. Pretty interesting picture is obtained.

Well, a little making it clear who is the artist, the horse stepped aside and interesting way lined up closing my whole landscape. And there were the interesting statement that I conquered and absorbed completely! Thus was born the picture "Herd at the Don".

«Soldiers asleep, the service is»

Солдат спит, служба идет

The work itself was a report about the four years of study at the Institute. This was the so-called "small diploma" and one of my favorite works.

This work led me to the great theme of the diploma. Since it all began...

Being on one of the first open-air practices in military units. Summer was already quite hot and we had to work from early morning. There were some sketches, observations. Soldiers posed for us.

The breaks were very important for the soldiers, as well as at least five minute sleep. During the break, the two guys lay down on the tires dug into the ground at the site for exercises, arm in arm with rifles and pulled on the face from the sun cap. This was finished painting in itself. I was impressed by this point, how important it is for a soldier, happy moments of relaxation and sleep. I only had to choose the view, compose and make some modifications in the composition.

Another important point in the painting, this is how the soldiers are sleeping in an embrace with a machine gun and a gun, even though they do not put in a dream weapon nearby, and hold it in their hands. Although sleep pulled caps over eyes and putting synchronously legs and holding a straw in mouth.

Maybe someone will say that what for the picture exactly portrays the soldier, that the soldier should not sleep during the service! But I like the author found it necessary to picture exactly tell about your idea of peaceful days of service, without war and panic. About soldier dream about sleep and calm ...

«Between Heaven and Earth»

Между небом и землей

The idea of painting was invented during a tour of the "old Rostov" with a friend who came from out of town to visit me. On a sunny summer day we wandered around the street Pushkin and went into the yard to look at the old buildings not from the front side. Lifting my head up I saw a square in the windows which beautifully reflected the blue cloudless sky. The sun was already evening and old bricks were filled with beautiful color. That impressed me to write this picture.

Already at home, working out the details on the canvas and finishing work, stepping aside, I realized that the sky was empty, and that turns out somehow boring. Imagining that the plane is flying in the sky, leaving a long trail, and that someone somewhere in the plane flies, and that life goes on, the picture is no longer seemed so empty and boring, she has acquired a new meaning.